How Does It Work?

A gentle hands on approach to relieving old or new scars, adhesions, fibrosis tension & tethering. Promoting and improving lymph and blood supply to the immediate area and surrounding areas. Also supporting the physiological recovery from scar trauma Pre & Post Injury. 

Sam is extremely passionate about making a difference in people’s lives through her work. She believes strongly in the body’s natural ability to adapt and heal when given help in the right direction.


Each client is given their own ‘’Wellness Plan’’ adapted to their individual needs.

  • Targeted Scar Treatment with Sam
  • Aftercare Advice
  • Consult follow up with each session

Types of scar treated but not limited to:

  • Superficial external scars
  • Childhood 
  • Born with
  • Accidents
  • Surgery – Emergency, Planned 
  • Plastic Surgery
  • SPECIALIZED  (Women)

Therapies that can be utilizing within the treatment:

  • Scar Tissue Release
  • Oncology Scar Therapy
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Fascia Release
  • Neurogenic Stress Release