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Samantha Lyden

Movement Therapist (STR, MFR, MLD, CSL1, CSL2, CDT, NT)

I have always been interested in helping people gain relief from discomfort & pain in the most natural way possible. When my husband started to receive Manual Lymph Drainage to help with his health issued (Lymphedema, Venous Edema, Cellulitis) l could see how powerful ‘Movement Therapy’ could be. From then on l decided to expand my knowledge and pursue specialized training for Manual Lymph Drainage so l could help others gain relief from these painful issues. This lead to progressing into more specialized modalities/therapies that has enabled me to help my clientele across many health concerns.

My passion is working along side the woman in our community who are tethered to their scar be it from childhood, becoming a mum, issues from oncology treatment, and general wellbeing. It has driven me to find way to make my therapies available to woman even during this ”new normal” we face, l have had some lovely results from my Online Clinic (using Zoom) not only in NZ but also overseas. 

I love keeping up with new study papers and techniques that might be emerging around the world or indeed have been around for many years but have not made it over to New Zealand yet, can’t say l will ever stop learning as the human body has so many built mechanisms for healing. To see my clients being helped to untether from the past and be truly present and empowered in the here and now so they can cope better with their future has been so rewarding and humbling. 

Robert Lyden

Movement TherapistReflexologist

I enjoy using my skills in Reflexology, Reflex lymphatic drainage, Ear Reflexology and myofascial release to help my clients utilize the body’s inbuilt ability to heal. Being one of very few male Tongan/Māori therapists in NZ, l like bringing my unique calming energy to each session.

Clients often feel relaxed, refreshed and lighter after treatment. It is a privilege to help them on their journey to wellbeing.

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