Scar Therapy

Integrated Therapy

Samantha Lyden

Scar Therapist

Scar Tissue Release (STRAIT), Oncology Scar Specialist (RESTORE), MLD – Manual Lymph Drainage (CSL1, CSL2), MFR – Myofascial Release, CDT – Combined Decongestive Therapy, Neurogenic Stress Release

I have always been interested in helping people gain relief from discomfort & pain in the most natural way possible. When my husband started to receive Manual Lymph Drainage to help with health issues (Lymphedema, Venous Edema, Cellulitis) l could see how powerful ‘Hands on Therapy’ could be. l decided to expand my knowledge and pursue specialised training for Manual Lymph Drainage so l could help others gain relief from these painful issues. This led me to Myofascial Release, Scar Therapy, Neurogenic Release that has enabled me to help clientele dealing with many health concerns.

My passion is working alongside women in our community who are tethered to their scar from childhood, becoming a mum, issues from oncology treatment, and general mental & physical wellbeing. During the lockdown l was able to open a ”online clinic’ to make various forms of therapy available (Basic Self Lymph Drainage, Neurogenic Stress Release – Shake Class) via ZOOM as it worked out around the world & NZ which was very exciting for me to be able to reach that far! 

l also offer therapy to help rehabilitate scars called ”Scar Therapy” and am a Oncology Scar Specialist l am able to help a wider part of the community. Letting everyone know that Scar Therapy is now available from the ages of 1-99, no matter how old/young – large/small the scar may be.

Leading Practitioners such as (UK – Emma Holly – Restore / New York – Marjorie Brook – STRAIT Method) have helped the therapy gain much momentum around the globe as a hands on to help the body in its healing process.

I love keeping up with new study papers and techniques that might be emerging around the world or indeed have been around for many years but have not made it over to New Zealand yet. To see my clients being helped to untether from the past and be truly present and empowered has been so rewarding and humbling.